Changing times

Back when we were little kids, we had that habit of wearing our mom’s/dad’s shoes, trying on mom’s make-up, using dad’s aftershave, parading around with our mom’s duppattas on our heads or wearing our dad’s ties around our necks which would practically reach the floor back then! Yeah, well I too had that habit and one of the few things I distinctly remember doing was opening my mom’s wallet and looking at it in awe. That was because it had a whole lot of compartments in it and each compartment had a whole lot of money in it, in addition to the various credit cards, visiting cards, bills, receipts and what not! I too had a wallet back then which would consist of a ten rupee note and a few coins at the most. So when I would look at my mom’s wallet It was like a tour in a museum for me because I could never imagine having any of those things in my wallet! But I would still try to make it look like her’s by putting in fake, self-made, paper credit cards, bills which had fallen out of my dad’s shirt pocket and other things like that. I also remember this pair of white-heeled shoe that my mom owned which I was completely mesmerized by. My feet would barely occupy half of the shoe, but I would still walk around in them pretending I was a big girl attending a fancy party. I would look at my mom and wonder how she was so tall. I couldn’t wait to grow that tall and wear such shoes and carry big wallets like her’s.

Cut to 2012 – I am three inches taller than my mom, and two shoe sizes bigger! My wallet greatly resembles her’s except for it has smaller denominations as I am still a student. And of course, she prefers wallets in a very subtle colour range of black, brown, beige and cream. Me? Blue, purple, orange, red are more my colours! But the bottom line is , I don’t remember when I crossed that phase of wanting to be like my mum and reached that phase where I greatly resemble her! I might still be a kid, but I am treated more like a grown-up now. I have a few responsibilities and people understand that I am not very immature any more (of course, they haven’t seen me around my friends 😉 ) It feels good to finally have gotten to this stage, but sometimes I wonder where all that time went. So yeah, times have definitely changed a lot!


4 thoughts on “Changing times

  1. I did that with father’s shoes too. I never imagined that I would grow to be that big and fill his shoes. My father had no schooling beyond 10 years old as he has done hard work all his life since that childhood. He never complained. He is honest and fair. He sent me to college. I will never be able to fill father’s shoes.

    1. We will never be able to fill in our parent’s shoes in our life times, because their lives were any day more difficult than ours. But by living up to their expectations we can come close to it! 🙂

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