Looking out of the window: Desperate!

She looked out of her window, desperate for some inspiration or some sign that it would all get better. But for the first time all she saw was the barren ground. She realized that all this while she had just seen things which weren’t actually there and motivated herself all the while proclaiming that the window did it for her. After all, it was only a window – a mild lifeless object which couldn’t help her in any way. She wondered why she had to have this realization just then when she felt life was going to pieces. She had been cooped up in her own world for too long. She now felt like she didn’t even know what was going on in the world around her. Her friends had made new friends and they didn’t need her anymore. Every time she went out with them she felt horribly left out. She wasn’t being able to do what she had set out to do. She wasn’t being able to accomplish her goal and was facing possible failure for the very first time in life. The one thing she had was now no longer her’s. All she could do was write, but her writing too was getting monotonous. And now.. her window. She looked out of the window yet again, her moist eyes desperately hunting for a friendly hand or an inspiration of some sort.


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