Midnight Musings – What is writer’s block?

Okay, so this is going to be one of those posts which are typed at mid-night, have absolutely disconnected paragraphs and may not amount to much! Except its 01:00 in the morning and not 12:00!

So for the past few months everyone around me has heard me cribbing about my woes related to writer’s block. I’ve been telling anyone who is willing to listen that the words just don’t flow anymore and that I don’t feel like writing that much. To sum it all up I thought at the bare age of 18, my writing career had been shot dead. But now that I can’t seem to sleep and I don’t have any other preoccupation, I wonder, What is writer’s block? Is it that phase a writer goes through after he/she writes a bad article and is too scared to pick up the pen/keyboard again? Or is it just normal people who love writing but somehow find it difficult to incorporate it in their lives and like to blame this lack of organisation and time management skills on a myth called writer’s block? Its just a name given to a state of laziness! Because if the words do not flow that freely or if I just don’t have it in me anymore, then how come when most of us pitiable writers suffering from an acute case of writer’s block manage to come up with something decent when we work on a deadline? Because our ass is on fire? Probably!

Another excuse I often used is my earlier articles seem way better than what I’ve been writing off late.. Well you’re writing isn’t going to get any better if you’re too scared/lazy to write because you’re next piece might disappoint you yet again. Every writer is allowed to have bad articles; but this doesn’t mean that we are bad writers. The only criteria to be a writer is – to write! So as long as you keep writing, no matter what it may be, you will still be a writer. Now whether your work is good or not is subjective. Sometimes you might be too harsh on yourself and criticize your work more than it deserves and some other person might call it excellent. You never know what the reader gets out of your words. But that is not your problem. Your job is just to ensure that your readers have something to read from you. The appreciation that may/may not follow is not up to you!

Now I don’t know exactly why I am writing all this down, nor do I know why I am posting this on my blog. But I do know that I am now officially out of that funk called writer’s block. I do not know whether my content is good or not but I will not stop writing because of that! I am sure that eventually as my flow of thoughts become more clear, my writing too will improve. I also do not know whether this is a note to myself or to other writers who might be interested in reading my blog and I do not even know whether this makes sense or not, but its 01:15 in the night, so it needn’t really make sense. I could be sleep-writing even! I hope at least this puts me to sleep or else I will have to look towards the next best midnight past time after writing – a mid night snack! 😀 mmmm.. Okay now I’m hoping I do not fall asleep soon because I just remembered whats lying in the fridge!


4 thoughts on “Midnight Musings – What is writer’s block?

  1. Midnight blogging! Most of my recent posts were written in the middle of the night — usually around 1 to 3 am in the morning. I think at this time your writer’s mind becomes open so even if you don’t have anything in mind you come up with something really brilliant. This post is yet another example of that. 🙂

    I would refer to writer’s block as a state of mind when you don’t feel like writing. You can still call it laziness, but I’ve seen many people including established writers who say that your brain doesn’t really always deliver you ideas. When you try to write but you feel blank, that too is a writer’s block.

    I’m not a fiction writer although I’d love to (I wrote two stories in Bangla, though), so I don’t usually feel writer’s block.

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