Lost Shoe

After a really long time, A post inspired by – Inspiration Monday!

When I was small I had one pair of shoes which were my all time favorite. I would wear them to school, to play, to functions and sometimes even to bed! I wouldn’t let anyone else touch it because they meant the world to me. I do not remember exactly why that pair was so important to me but to date I can remember the broad smile I would give the minute I saw them each morning. In a little girl’s world – they were everything that mattered. But then one fine morning I woke up, got dressed for school and went out to put on my shoes – but! They weren’t there! I looked all over and practically turned my house upside down but I couldn’t find them. As I sat dejectedly on my front porch my Dad came out and made me put on another pair in a hurry. That was the first time my little mind could remember going to school without my favorite pair of shoes. All day that day, I would look down and wish that I was wearing my shoes. Without them, I felt incomplete. That was a very sad day for me – at least in those simple times it was! The next morning I sat down on my porch again, not wanting to put on my other shoes. My dad came out again, and this time he realized that something was wrong. When he found out it was all over a pair of shoes, he laughed. He then told me that the things in our lives wouldn’t be with us forever. No matter how much we love it and want to stay with it forever, there will come a time when it has to go. Times will change and we will have to move on. And that was just a shoe at the end of the day. So he asked me to put on the other pair, carry my smile along with me and go to school. That was my first lesson in life and that day I went to school and thought about other things. By the end of the day, I had forgotten all about my favorite shoes. I always wondered what happened to that shoe but I guess some mysteries remain mysteries forever.

Many years later, when missing shoes were the least of my problems – I met a person. A person so similar to me, that it surprised me. The more we got to know each other, the more we realized that we were distinctly alike. We would often say – we are the same but we’re different. That person knew practically everything about me and I began to think that I knew a lot about him too. After a really long time I felt like I had a friend who could really understand me. We became the best of friends and were always together. We helped each other out and never hid anything from each other. I had a new best friend and this thrilled me! But after a while I began to feel that this friend was being a little distant. I tried to understand what was going on in his life and I tried to help him, but the more I tried to help – the more distant he seemed. Eventually, I couldn’t even get through to him. There was this lost look in his eyes which I couldn’t understand. He moved so far away that I couldn’t find my best friend in him anymore. I searched in his eyes, for a glimpse of that person that I had seen in him. But it wasn’t there. As I pondered over this change, I remembered my lost shoe. I had never really found out where it had gone, but I remembered my dad telling me that not everything remains the same in life. I realized I had to move on. I picked myself up, put on a smile and went on with my life. If he needed me, I would always be there for him. If not – it would be yet another mystery of life.


8 thoughts on “Lost Shoe

  1. I love the youth and innocence of the first part of the story, and the application in the second. There’s a realness to that childhood memory…

    A huge welcome back, Rashmi! It has been forever!

  2. Beautiful and poignant expressions. Thanks for sharing. I’d love this quote and hope you do too 🙂
    “Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is Love, enjoy it”! ~ Sairam

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