Hello World! (once again)

Hello again!! Its been ages since I’ve posted anything!! 3 months to be exact!! And I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in myself! I am two months away from my second blogoversery and I have done nothing to develop this blog since then! I remember how this time last year I was busy scheming to increase views on my blog by my first blogoversery. But then when that day finally came, I wrote a short half -hearted post indicating the significance of the day! I had promised myself that in a year’s time I would double my average views but right now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen! Its strange that something that meant so much to me suddenly started to seem to fickle that I pushed it to the back of my mind. Not only did I stop writing, I stopped reading and listening to music too! I’ve been estranged from a lot of things off late and I’ve recently (somewhat) come to my senses! So even though I’ve said this endlessly, this time – I hope I stick to writing and blogging! So this a whole new world for me all over again!!


2 thoughts on “Hello World! (once again)

  1. It’s hard to predict or do anything about views but you can challenge (and definitely accomplish that) yourself by how much writing will be involved in a timeframe.

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