Looking Out Of The Window: A Little Perspective

Do you remember which window she would look out of? The one in her classroom which overlooked the ground? The one that somehow always gave her hope? If not, here is a little recap:

Looking out of the window


So years changed, classes changed. And she moved up the ladder of education leaving her window behind. There was no window this year as her classroom stood right next to another building, so all she could see was the wall. She got caught up with her work and her life, and she forgot to do some things which were very important to her. She forgot to look at the rain, to smile, to dance, to talk to a lot of people and the worst was that she forgot to write. She had this little blog in a tiny corner of this wonderful site called wordpress and she forgot about that.

As things kept getting worse, she found that many doors were being shut to her face. There was one last door that had been open, which was slowly closing as well. She was so alone in a room full of closed doors that she would weep endlessly and sleep came to her only in installments.

Then this one day, when she was all alone at home studying (as usual), she had to run to her window to shut it, to keep this thing called ‘rain’ out of her room. When she was doing so, she just happened to glance outside accidentally. And then she saw – trees and parks, apartments and roads, dogs and birds, even the beach on the horizon – all looking so beautiful as the rain pattered down on them.

That is when she realized that there was always a window! A tiny window with some thing to show you or to give you some hope, if only you were willing to take it! It was true that when a door closes a window opens up in its place. All she needed was a little perspective.



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