Little perks of life

Living right next to your school always has its advantages. When my dad was a boy, his house was right in front of his school. And he says that he could see his classroom and the staff room from his dining table itself. So he wouldn’t leave for school till he saw his teacher getting out of the staffroom and he would still make it to class on time. I live right behind my school. And though my dad stayed in an independent house, I live in a flat. I can see my primary school playground from my room and the roof of the rest of the school. Though I couldn’t see my teacher getting out of the staffroom, I could here the bell loud and clear from home, so I wouldn’t leave till I absolutely had to. Also many a time, my parents have stood in the balcony and waved out to me and the rest of my class when we had p.t. And when you are 10 or 11 years old.. that’s quite a thrill to you!

Of course, once I got out of school none of those applied to me. And since I start college earlier than school and finish later than the school, when I’m home I only get to see a quiet building from my room which hardly qualifies for a school. But the days I have off, I am often woken up by the shrieking pre-teens singing during the morning prayer! They murder the national anthem every single day when they sing it and I keep asking my mom if we were that horrible when we were in school!! She tells me that we were worse every single time!! :/
Then as the day progresses, I can sometimes hear some of my teachers screaming in class.. and no, my flat is not that close to the classrooms – its a good 10 feet above – my teachers were just that loud. They are probably the reason I’m a little hard of hearing today. And not all the loud music I constantly listen to as my mom seems to think. Sheesh ma!
During recess I look at the kids playing in the ground. When I see a bunch of 3 girls walking hand in hand, I think of my two best friends and me. When I see a larger bunch of girls glaring at these 3 girls I remember all the girls I used to hate. I see them playing the same games I used to, laughing and shouting just as I used to. Nostalgia, I tell you!
When I feel really low and can’t get myself out of my bed I go and watch these kids. And for some unexplanable reason – it gives me inspiration.
There are also a few other perks like being able to watch all the school cultural events that take place on the ground, watching them march on sports day etc. Also, since there is a bell every 40 minutes, it really helps me keep track of time when I’m studying!
So I thought these were the advantages of staying near your school. But today I discovered another advantage. As I was walking home today, I had to pass by my school (as usual) but since its a working day for them, for once I actually got to see little girls sitting in class instead of seeing empty classrooms which is what I normally see when I go home from college. Today I saw my eigth grade teacher teaching her class. And though the’ve changed the uniforms, the colour of the buildings and the principal since I was there, most of the teachers are still the same. And so I could see her instructing the little girls and yelling at one or two naughty ones just as she would yell at me. She had a very quirky way of yelling at you, which made you want to laugh but you couldn’t because your teacher was yelling at you! I saw the same expression on her face after so many years. All I wanted to do at that moment was to rush into her class and hug her. But then I figured it would be slightly awkward if I did that! So you see.. staying near your school always has its advantages.


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