Blink and its gone

Okay so I admit I got lazy and gave up on my blog for a long time. Yes, I took a break from blogging citing studying and emotional upheaval as my main reasons.When I look back, that sounds stupid because writing would have probably made it easier for me to get through a few tough days and it would have been a stress buster during continuous studying sessions as well. But at that time, I didn’t feel inspired to write and I’ve never written a word without some inspiration. And so I didn’t. But now things are different. I was a good writer, on the route to be a better writer and I don’t want to give that up. I might be a little rusty, my content might not be very good and my blog may not be getting many views, but I told myself that I would continue to write no matter what. So yeah, I’m still uninspired and on most days I force myself to write. I set targets and make myself accomplish them. But though my posts aren’t very creative or innovative, it still makes me happy when I write. And I think that’s the first step and the creativity will slowly come back. I really hope I don’t give up on it this time. And as of now I am using every last ounce of willpower to make myself stick to this blog. And I read somewhere that you only have a certain amount of willpower to use everyday. If you use it to keep yourself on a diet in the morning, you will have no willpower left to study in the evening. So at the risk of putting on a few extra pounds, I am using all my willpower to keep writing. In order to help myself write I’ve taken these tiny steps right now:

  • I keep memos and reminders on my phone and around my room
  • I’ve set aside an hour every night to write
  • I installed the WordPress app on my phone so that I can write anywhere
  • I am using the following sites to get some inspiration

Inspiration Monday

And the problems I am currently facing are:

  • I can feel my hold on grammar and punctuation slipping
  • I desperately need to go back to typing class (God I am so slow!)
  • I can never get a good and catchy title
  • I don’t seem to be getting much traffic – the comments and suggestions to my posts would really keep me going before
  • I do not want to use a picture from google to support my posts anymore, but I pretty much suck at clicking photos (also my phone only has a 3 mega pixel camera)
  • Before, a lot of my posts would involve things that happened around me. I’ve been sitting at home for the past month and a half because of exams and I barely go out – so I have nothing to write about from my surroundings
  • which brings me back to the problem of inspiration

So, I’m dealing with these things for now. But another thing that has been bugging me is how much change that has happened since I was last here. When I logged into wordpress after around 6 months, the site itself took me by shock. Well all the changes with the site are good and technology does change fast, but it feels so horrible when I don’t know how to use a few features which used to be at the tip of my fingers before. The wordpress people have sort of shuffled my dashboard around and it looks terrific but I just don’t know how to use it properly anymore. That makes me feel sooo old – and I’m just 18! Plus, I see that what happened to me has also happened to a lot of other people. When I visited a few of my favorite blogs, I noticed that the bloggers had been absent for a while and most of them had been caught up in work, school and life in general. Its so sad to see such good writers, take a break from writing. Seeing these blogs in this state is sort of making it a little hard for me to keep writing. But nevertheless, my brain has now split into 2 halves. One which ensures I keep writing and the other is the meek and cowardly writer who is just about coming out of hiding and is sprinkling some confidence and creativity over me. Also, another problem I forgot to mention, is that I have a hard time coming up with a good close for  my posts. For example, I’ve said all I had to say in this post and I have no idea how to close it now. But I think leaving you hanging is slightly better than me continuing to ramble on and on about the same topic. So, that’s all folks. I’m done.


14 thoughts on “Blink and its gone

  1. You are wonderfully lucid about your dilemma, and experiences. I think if you read and comment on Freshly Pressed blogs, and ‘like’ the ones you like, you will quickly rebulid your following. Please be careful using the word ‘nazi’ in print, I would suggest. It’s not a synonym for anything but utter, utter hateful evil, so not to be diminished by use in any other context. I may be being a bit old fashioned here…

  2. It’s good to have you back – keep on writing! You’re right to push yourself; if we always waited for inspiration, we’d hardly ever write. Truth is, sometimes you have to start writing to FIND the inspiration. Just make sure you make tie to rest, too.

    Some help: can help you catch up on some grammar. I get their daily emails. can help you spiff up your posts and hopefully raise your view/comment count – stuff like using subheads and bullet points, and including specific questions at the end of your posts to get people to comment. It’s mostly for people trying to make money blogging, but the tips work for us hobby bloggers, too.
    And look up some title/headline writing tips on It’s also for people making money blogging, but great tips.
    I usually get my photos from Flickr’s creative commons. It seems better than Google’s search (shocking!), and with the down-to-earth legal wording you know it’s safe to use the images without violating copyright (provided you cite the creator). I’m not very good at snapping pictures either. : (

    Good luck!

  3. I’m happy to see that you’re back in action. I generally enjoyed your posts. I’m happy you posted a few links that can help with finding inspiration, I too, was looking for ways to become inspired. I’ve been using Plinky when I’m feeling a little pressed for time. Some of my best viewed posts have been Plinky topics. Maybe check that out?
    I use both, photos I’ve taken with my phone and photos online. If nothing comes to mind I don’t bother using an image, sometimes that’s just easier.
    If you need a new creative outlet, please feel free to shoot me an email to be a guest poster. I know you’ve already done it once, but I would love to have you come by again. Then again, I’m happy to have anybody offer a post or two to my blog – just saying.
    I look forward to reading more, now I’m going to go back to playing The Sims 3 😉
    Peace & Luv

  4. I enjoyed reading your posts, specially this one. I could identify myself with all that you have written here. I guess we all go through that phase. But, you write well. 🙂
    Don’t give up on writing.
    Keep writing….

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