Happy Birthday To Me

I’m turning 19 this year and frankly I wasn’t very excited about my upcoming birthday this year. For all eighteen birthdays till now, I’ve been over the moon when it comes to my birthday. But for some reason.. this year I wasn’t that into it. I guess those are the fatal signs of growing up :-\ When we were talking about this, my friend managed to describe birthday blues in most accurate way possible. Remember when we were in school and we would have to stand in front of the class on our birthday while all the other kids sang happy birthday? Being the birthday kid I would feel so out of place because a pair of 60 eyes would be focused on me and I would have no idea as to how I was supposed to behave. Of course, there were some kids who absolutely loved the attention, but us shy kids would be on the verge of running out of class or maybe hiding under a table. And ever since then, the day before my birthday became a terrifying day for me. I’ve always hated being in the limelight and this time the birthday blues are as worse as they can get. Initially I was in the ‘I couldn’t care less about my birthday’ phase but as the day drew closer I couldn’t help but get excited. I didn’t have anything planned for my birthday and that is why I started feeling a little low about it. But the last thing I wanted to do was to be sad on my birthday. So I knew I had to do something to lift my spirits. Of course, the first answer was shopping! (Obviously) and that definitely did a huge part in getting me to be excited about birthday. But I wanted to do something more, something special and something just for me. For over a week I hunted for and idea and I finally found it. Fish spa! 😀 though I’ve been to a fish spa before, I had never been to one in my hometown. But a fish spa recently opened here and I knew it was the perfect option for me. Initially it sort of got cancelled but at the very last moment it was back on! So I’m sitting here now, half way to heaven – what with my feet getting the royal treatment and all.

I spent 20 minutes looking at the tiny fishes hovering around my feet and legs and now I’m getting a pedicure done. And when you haven’t had the chance to get a pedicure done in ages, it really comes close to being heaven! Add getting an hour to yourself without any disturbances and using it to write, it does become heaven!


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