What do you do when you are waiting in line for something and you land up next to a baby and its mother? Babies are always adorable, especially the round, chubby ones. but you never know how close you should get to the baby. If you get too close and start playing with the baby the moms might get offended and think you’re a baby-napper or something. But if you don’t show an adequate amount of interest in the baby, the mum gives you this look that says, “what? You don’t think my baby isn’t cute enough for you?” Also, babies are very sensitive. Sometimes when you just look into their eyes they get all excited and start giggling happily but sometimes the same look can get a baby to start wailing in the middle of a super market. And when that happens, everyone around glares at you as if it was your mistake for not understanding ‘baby-language’. I remember this one time there was a baby sitting next to me in a movie theater – about 9 or 10 months maybe. Initially I didn’t even notice her – yes, she was that quiet! But during the second half of the movie she grabbed a tiny tuft of my hair and started patting my shoulder. I smiled at the mom politely and went back to the movie. But then she wrapped her tiny little hand around my little finger and that nearly brought me to tears. She was just so beautiful that for the rest of the movie I couldn’t help playing with her and tickling her. (Well the movie wasn’t that great anyway) after a while she was practically in my seat so I just lifted her and took her in my arms. That is when I saw the mum again. She was giving me that look I give people when they steal my popcorn. Feeling intimidated, I felt like shouting, ‘ hey lady! I’m not stealing your popcorn! I’m just taking your baby!’ Then this other time when I was waiting for my turn in the parlor, there was a baby again who kept drawing my attention. But this time I remembered the movie theater incident and decided to keep my distance. But unfortunately this time I think the mom wanted to show her little baby off to strangers and didn’t like the fact that I was barely showing attention. Now I really feel stuck when the baby-next-to-you situation comes up. Also when the babies are this young, it means that the mom just went through pregnancy and labor not very long ago and has probably not been getting enough sleep since then. So interpreting these glares from moms is even more trying than interpreting baby signs. So what do you do when there’s a baby in line? :O 


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