The best week of my life!!

Okay so last Sunday I was a calm and content individual with not much to look forward to in the future. If you know me, calm and content almost never happens with me. But it was so, because we had just finished ACME 2013 – my college’s annual commerce fest. Since I am in 2nd year BCom, I got to play a major role and the entire month of January was wonderful for me as I got to bunk classes, do research, meet new people, interact with my seniors, organize mock rounds, get sponsors and a lot more. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was supposed to be the best time of my life (and it was at that time, as this week hadn’t happened). It all came to an end on 2nd February (which was last Saturday) and so Sunday morning I sat at home – calm and content – with nothing much to look forward to. There was something I dreaded and that was my CA IPCC results. It was practically my first attempt (since I didn’t study last time) and that was supposed to come out somewhere around the 8th of February. Now I wasn’t too sure of passing and as the result date came closer, there was a sinking feeling in my stomach. But last Sunday I didn’t think about it much; I only thought about the vast expanse of unplanned time ahead of me and what I could do with it. As I sat thinking, I got a call from the Secretary of Commerce Association of my college. Wondering if I had left anything unfinished from the post-ACME work, I picked up his call. But what he had called to tell me was, that I had been selected for Samanvaya 2013 – the commerce fest of the reputed Jain University, Bangalore. Now this was my first outstation fest and Samanvaya is known to be one of the toughest fests in the state. And since I had just finished one whole month of preparing for our own fest, I didn’t really have the energy to go for one more fest. But since it was an opportunity to go for an outstation fest, I knew I couldn’t say no. So I said yes, and went online to hunt for the fest’s site and its prelims. But what did I find instead? That my IPCC results would be out on 5th February! And as the fest was on 6th and 7th, I would be leaving then! The next day was spent entirely in turmoil as I fretted about what shoes I would wear, how I would fare in the fest, what my results would be, etc. I also didn’t have a laptop and as I was tired of borrowing, I decided to go buy a laptop. My parents agreed and I went to the DELL showroom. But since the model I was looking for wasn’t in stock, I was told that the best I could do was to take a smaller alternative model with me and collect it when I came back. So I got a second-hand laptop with me and when I went back to college – voila! We were supposed to leave that very night, instead of the next night. If you’re wondering why the plan got changed suddenly – it didn’t; everyone just conveniently forgot to tell me about it! Feeling very welcomed in the group, I set off to Bangalore that night prepared to meet my doom the next day. When we reached Bangalore, I got a very confusing prelim and just as I began to get a direction for my prelim report – I realized I didn’t have my IPCC hall ticket with me. When I called up home, my mom said she couldn’t find it. To make matters worse, the CA institute in my city was having a national conference that day and hence was closed. If it hadn’t been I could have retrieved my hall ticket number from them. So I called the regional head – the Chennai Institute. But after a  non-cooperative response from there, I gave up. I figured I would find out my results only when the marks card came home 2 weeks later. After sitting dejectedly for a while, I decided to give it one last shot. I called the Board of Studies – Center for CA Exams in Delhi and – tadaa! they happened to have it! After giving them a few details I got my hall ticket number and I was so relived. I knew I had a lot of work to do but I decided to take a nap just about then. My brain just didn’t seem to function when my results were about to be announced. Unfortunately I overslept and was woken up only when my phone rang – which happened to be a call telling me that my results were out. As I switched on my laptop and went to the site, my hands were shaking and I had to repeat the entry of  details a couple of times. When the page finally loaded, there was a moment of silence and then everyone was screaming all at once because – yes – I had passed!! 😀 But the happiness was short lived as we all had to submit our prelim reports for the fest that night. In the sudden rush of happiness that followed, I completed my overnight amidst all the calls from my family and friends. After very little sleep I got up to face the fest which led on to another two days filled with reports and presentations, fun and stress, challenges and excitement – basically the whole experience of festing. I am not going into the details of those days, but after two days of lack of sleep and hunger – I actually won my individual event!! I secured first place in my very first outstation fest – one that I wasn’t even willing to attend in the first place. 😛 After one extra day of pure majja we got back home, where I had my brand new laptop waiting for me. A few other things happened on my last day in Bangalore which I am not comfortable disclosing on this blog, but all in all – it was a perfect week!! Winning my first outstation fest, clearing IPCC and getting my first laptop – has got to qualify for the best week of my life! 😀


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