How can something wrong feel so right? How can something you always warned everyone else against, hit you right in the face and make you like it? How is it that even if you know all the risks about something and the possibilities of bad endings,  you are still capable of overlooking it? The mind is funny that way isn’t it? It thinks logically and makes a lot of plans for you – gives you do’s and dont’s too; but when the time comes to apply them – it just shuts off! And all you can feel is this warm gooey feeling all over you, which just doesn’t let you pacify your brain into thinking again. We take the chances, go against the odds and hope that everything works out even though we’ve warned several other people from doing the same.  But then again, just about when that warm gooey feeling is taking you into an entirely different world and making you feel great, your brain decides to make an appearance qnd whispers out the dangers to you. What are you supposed to do then? Ignore that little voice and continue feeling great? Or think logically – stop it if there are chances of you getting hurt? How do you stand by and watch as your brain then gets split into two halves – one arguing logically and the other one being more appealing. Yes, in most cases we will go against the odds anyway because letting go of a good opportunity for contingent problems seems unreasonable – even to the mind. So here I am, hoping despite all the evidence that it’s worth the risk and that it works out somehow.


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