Rashmi Kamath learns to drive

Okay so one fine morning Rashmi Kamath finally decided to get off her butt and learn to drive – again! As she sat in the stinky old car owned by the driving school, she remembered the first day she had been to this place. Nearly a year ago, or was it more?? She had waited eagerly for the driving instructor, her imagination running wild as she saw herself driving an SUV like Angelina Jolie! With this picture in mind, she got into the car which was renamed as the stinky old car in minutes. A few moments later she realized that driving a stylish car might take slightly longer than what she had anticipated. And half an hour later when she got out and realized she couldn’t walk, she dropped the SUV idea altogether. And a year later Rashmi Kamath is still trying to drive and this is her 4th attempt at doing so. What happened in between? Though she has many excuses, anyone who used to read this blog will certify the fact that she is just plain lazy! Though, it would be wrong to completely blame it on her laziness, as there is the self confidence issue as well.But this time she was determined to do it, because in a month’s time her learner’s licence would lapse – for the second time! So she was determined to at least go for the test, and leave the rest up to God.As she maneuvered through the traffic and the pedestrians she said a silent prayer for all the people who might cross her path. She really wasn’t in the mood to kill anyone today. She went slow, honked a lot and jumped each time a stray dog came in front of her. Her foot slipped off the clutch half a dozen times before she realized that she was wearing the wrong shoes and she adjusted the side mirror more than needed before realizing that it was lose and in a pathetic condition like the rest of the car. Before long the prayers turned into curses for all the people who moved casually, despite her constant honking. ‘Well’, she thought to herself, ‘it’s not my fault if they are deliberately trying to die.’ At the end of the hour she got out, staggering, as if she had just been on  a scary roller coaster. To be honest it wasn’t any less than a roller coaster. She pitied the instructor for who was given the job to make her drive. As she walked (or rather hobbled) home, she felt the disappointment she was trying to avoid and a tiny voice in her head said, ‘you will never be able to drive.’ After pondering over that truth for a while, she decided to look at the funny side of it. Well for starters she would be able to make her husband run around doing chores in the future, she could also be that snooty lady with her own chauffeur and she would save a lot of money as her future family would need one and not two cars! For some reason she smiled as she got home. She would try again tomorrow. You never know – maybe Rashmi Kamath would be able to drive someday (haha). But tomorrow she would try no matter what; because Rashmi Kamath may not be a driver, but she definitely wasn’t a quitter. Do you think Rashmi Kamath will be able to drive?? Stay tuned to find out – she has her test on the 6th of June 😉


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