06/06/2013 (Rashmi Kamath learns to drive)

Before reading this you should probably refer to this article first.

On the ill fated day of June 6th 2013, Rashmi Kamath woke up realizing that she would have to take her driving test that day. The moment the realization hit her, she pulled the blanket over her head with a groan and tried to think of a way to get out of it. She considered going for that dentist appointment she had always avoided, cleaning her room which she somehow never had time to do or maybe breaking a few bones in her body. After a thorough analysis and assurance that all the other possibilities were equally bad, she finally decided to toughen up and just do it. She pushed the blanket off her face and looked around. The first thing she laid her eyes on was the clock and she realized that she was late, as usual. It was a quarter after nine and she was supposed to be at her driving school by ten. She rushed out of bed, showered, got ready and had breakfast as soon as she could, but the clock still beat her to it and it struck ten as she grabbed her wallet. Giving the clock one last lethal glare and thinking, ‘I’ll get you someday!’ she hurried out. When she reached there the other students were just sitting around waiting for the driving instructor to come by. She got annoyed as she realized that he had asked them to come earlier than necessary. Frowning to herself, she thought, ‘What? Does he not think that we will show up on time? Hmph!’ A small meek voice in her head pointed out that she was late, so incidentally he was right in doing so, but she shook her head deciding that that was besides the point. At half past ten the instructor, Rashmi Kamath and two other students sat in the stinky old car and drove off to some far corner of the city where the test took place. It was as if the secluded area would reduce the embarrassment of failing the test. Two kilometers before the spot the instructor got out of the driver’s seat and made the first student drive. After about a kilometer he asked her to stop and asked the second student to drive. When he was done Rashmi Kamath assumed it was her turn but realized that they had already reached the spot for the test. She looked at the instructor quizzically and he gave her a sorry look and went inside. As she realized that he was quite sure that she wouldn’t pass and that was why he hadn’t let her drive, her blood began to boil in her veins. She thought to herself, ‘How can that idiot be so sure that I’m going to flunk today?’ The meek voice replied that it was probably because she really couldn’t drive and she herself was sure of that fact. Giving the meek voice a figurative glare she went in behind the rest. She watched the other people take the test, anticipating her turn, when it began to rain. ‘Great! Just great!’ she muttered to herself. Before long it was her turn and she got into the car fervently praying for a miracle. A smiling inspector looked up at her as she sat in. He looked Β at her form and confirmed her name. As she started the car (the right way thankfully) he started asking her about her parents’ occupation and about her academic ambitions. Whooping internally she started talking about the one field where she actually did well and he seemed quite impressed with her. At that moment they arrived at a fork in the road and she assumed she had to go left. He asked her to put the right indicator, she did so and continued down her path. Suddenly, he asked her to stop. She stopped and looked at him quizzically. He gave her an amused look and told her, ‘If I ask you to put the right indicator, it means I want you to turn right. You don’t put the right indicator on and turn left.’ Rashmi Kamath froze! She couldn’t believe she didn’t realize that he was asking her to take a right turn. Her face turned a bright red as she muttered an apology. He laughed and asked her to turn around. Feeling like a complete idiot she turned right – or at least tried to. After a couple of confused tries, she managed to do it. He then asked her to stop a little ahead and asked her to park the car. She fumbled around with the gear and handbrake for a while, wondering which went first till he finally did it for her. She couldn’t believe she was flunking this test on utter stupidity instead of her lack of motor skills.He smiled at her again and told her she passed, signed the form and got out of the car.

She looked after him absolutely dumbfounded wondering what had just happened! She slowly got herself out of the car, still unable to fathom how he could have possibly thought that she was fit to drive independently. She saw her driving instructor as she got out and eyed him suspiciously wondering if he had bribed the inspector just to get rid of her. But she decided to forgive him in case he had done so, because at least now she had the damn smart card. Laughing to herself and wondering if she should send in an anonymous tip to the inspector’s wife asking her to check his mental fitness she walked into the shed. So, Rashmi Kamath hasn’t exactly mastered the skill of driving but she is legally allowed to do so anyway! So if you pass her on the streets tomorrow – run for your lives! She may turn left after putting on the right indicator again πŸ˜‰


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