The Candle

She squirmed uneasily in her sleep. She threw her blanket off the bed and then pulled it back on again. She tossed about and pulled her pillow around her. Finally, she opened her eyes due to sheer frustration. She could blame the lack of sleep on the heat, the excessive dinner or perhaps the uncomfortable bed. But definitely not on the unresolved thoughts in her mind. She looked around and saw the only thing which was visible in the room – a lone candle; perched on a high shelf. She watched the dancing flame, reducing the candle as it burned on. For a moment she was completely in awe with the brightness of the candle. The seemingly layered flame mesmerized her. She wished she could be as bright as it, simply because she hadn’t seen anything like it before. Suddenly her attention was diverted from the candle to a moth which she could see in the light of the candle. It’s beautiful brown wings had an intricate pattern. It fluttered beautifully around the flame and the girl couldn’t help but smile at it. As she watched it, she realized that the sole purpose of the moth’s journey was the candle. It was as mesmerized with the candle as she had just been. It couldn’t see anything else. But it seemed to want the flame to a point of madness. She watched in horror as it fluttered closer to the flame, desperate for some intimacy with the flame. Within a split second, it got too close and the flame burned one those beautiful brown wings. Unable to support it’s weight on one and a half wings, it struggled to fly and finally sank down on the shelf. As she watched on, she saw several moths attempt to get closer to the flame and suffer the same fate as the first one. Soon there were moths swarming around the candle, joined by bees and flies. She watched in disgust as the candle devoured everything around it and continued to burn furiously through the night. She began to loathe the candle and it’s flame. She wondered how something could be so bright and mesmerizing that everything around it plunged into darkness. She began to blame the candle for the darkness in the room instead of thanking it for the little light that it gave. But the main thing that puzzled her was why none of the insects would move away from the flame when they could see the damage all around them. The more insects that got burned, the more the number trying to reach the flame. It angered her that every possible insect wanted the flame and she became bitter and irritable. Seeing the moths hover around the flame, she suddenly felt a pang of jealousy and wondered why she couldn’t burn that bright. Then again, she didn’t want to be as merciless as the candle. But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling entirely. As she cursed the flame and blamed it for everything, including her inability to sleep, a sudden unexpected question popped up in her mind. Could the candle help being so bright? Had she stopped to consider that the candle could see the destruction it caused and wanted to stop it, but couldn’t fathom a way to do so? It was after all a candle, and was made to burn bright. She suddenly saw the candle reducing itself and leaving silent wax tears, down from the flame. A tear slipped down her cheek as she remembered how cruel she had been to the candle. Her mind throbbing with confusion, she closed her eyes and turned over, letting a few more tears fall.


5 thoughts on “The Candle

      1. Totally. I always feel like a story without a plot is more like tea without sugar (I take sugar with tea, so that’s how it is to me 😉 ). But this post, though you may not say that it’s a story, is just so great without really having a plot. And also provokes a lot of thoughts.

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