And just like that, it really happened

I am not a morning person. I love to sleep in and catch the last remnants of my dream. Once I am unavoidably awake, I analyse and over think that dream as much as I can. This has been a routine for practically forever. But that morning I wasn’t allowed to do the same. My phone kept buzzing constantly. There were at least six missed calls (which woke me up in the first place) and the whatsapp and twitter pings kept coming endlessly. Well don’t get me wrong, I too love social media but I’m still not a morning person. So nothing gets my attention this early in the morning (time  – 08:20 am). I ignored my phone and went about the next part of my daily routine – sulking that it is morning already. By the time I finished brushing, the pings annoyed me too much. ‘Enough already!’, I yelled at the pinging monster and picked it up. I looked at my whatsapp messages.

‘Wohooooooo Rashmi!!!! A dream come true!! :D’

‘So proud of you girlfriend :*’

‘OMG I envy you so much!!!!’

‘Woman!! Where are you?? Did you check Freshly Pressed yet????? :D’

37 messages more..

Wait, what? Did I win the lottery of something? I switched to twitter. First thing that caught my eye was Freshly Pressed. ‘Today we have @blahblahblah @someoneelse @rashmikamath @thatpersontoo  joining us here on Freshly Pressed and……’ Okay waaaaaaait! I did not just read that!!

This time, I really woke up!! As the realization slowly hit me, my heart started racing and this silly grin formed on my face. As my wonderful internet took those extra ten seconds to load the Freshly Pressed page (just to torture me) I listened to my heart thumping all the way over in my ears. And there it was! on Freshly Pressed! My only dream in life (okay not really!) was finally fulfilled! I was on Freshly Pressed. By then my blog stats were already soaring through the roof, the congratulations from my favorite bloggers were pouring in, my idiot best friend had posted this on FaceBook and I had started shrieking and jumping around in my room. My parents who weren’t used to any noise in my room until 08:45 am every morning (that is when I rush off to college), came rushing in and asked me what was wrong. It took me a while to calm down and explain to them what Freshly Pressed was. Once they understood what had happened, they smiled and congratulated me (though not fully understanding the relevance) and went back to their routines.

The whole day that followed was spent with me humming through my classes and grinning continuously. That was the first time in four years that my parents had actually read my blog. In fact, they told me I wasn’t that bad 😉 Not even weeks later, I had so many hits that I could shift to a self-hosted blog (because I had reached my target audience). Months later my blog became so popular, my draft novel which was collecting dust at a few publishing offices actually got through. A year later my first book was launched – all at age 21. And the best part is, it came pretty close to being a best-seller. So close, that by the time I embarked on my book tour I actually got a movie deal (not me, my book of course). At the young age of 23 I was standing on stage with some of the leading actors in India, at the music release of my book inspired movie! As they called me to talk about the inspiration for my book, I calmly walked over and gave the press one my well practiced dazzling smiles. And then, I grunted. Wait, what? A slow music started playing in the background. I grunted again. As I shifted my position, something next to me fell to the floor with a thud. The music grew louder. I blinked. Wait, what exactly is happeni….. no

No no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!! Noooooo! No no no.. close my eyes! It’ll work!! Close my EYES!!

I opened my eyes. I looked around. I was almost hanging off my bed. In my room. In my home. Nooo.. Why do I have such convincing dreams???? 😦 I glared at my phone and switched off the alarm. I fell back on my bed and sighed. I closed my eyes, trying to remember what label I was wearing at the music release. But the details were already slipping away. My mom banged on my door and yelled saying I was late again and I had better hurry up. I sat up. Like I said, I am not a morning person.


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